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Cell & Gene Collaborative

We are an expert-centered community in the world of C&G manufacturing.

We unite the best and brightest manufacturing minds to promote the evolution of the advanced therapies development paradigm.

We give manufacturing professionals at advanced therapy companies the opportunity to meet their peers in an informal setting to brainstorm and share their biggest learnings.

We cue the conversations, ask the big questions, and provide an off-the-beaten path forum for the professionals who want to learn — and have a great time doing it.

Don’t keep your evolving perspectives, experiences, and best practices in a bubble.


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C&G Collaborative is the digital and in-person networking opportunity you have always wanted.

C&G Collaborative is an invite-only community of the most forward-thinking, inquisitive, and opinionated manufacturing experts in the cell and gene therapy spaces. We’re the corner with the water cooler where the best and brightest self-proclaimed C&G therapy nerds proudly admit that cell culture floats their boat; that the art of vector manufacturing keeps them up at night; and that process development is a 12,000-piece puzzle they can’t stop playing with on their dining room table.




Let us curate all the information out there and provide you with the bigger picture.

We want to be your deeper dive into what’s happening in C&G manufacturing beyond the headlines. Whether it be long-form journalism, blog posts, video briefs, or one-on-one engagements, C&G Collaborative Director Anna Rose Welch will moderate discussions and share curated content and thought leadership from your peers on emerging C&G manufacturing/outsourcing challenges and best practices.




C&G Collaborative will showcase the leading voices in C&G manufacturing in a variety of different virtual and in-person “event” formats.

The 8-hour-a-day, 3-day-long conference gamut is not the name of our game. Our forte is creating intimate, limited attendance roundtables to facilitate cross-industry communication, peer networking, and open dialogue between peer group members and guest SMEs. If you’re interested in making memorable connections and having unfettered conversations, this is the forum for you.

Are You...

Employed by a company that's developing a cell or gene therapy?
Pulled into the room to make decisions on the manufacturing and outsourcing strategies for your company?
Interested in learning about, discussing, and debating the C&G industry's progress towards a more established and sustainable manufacturing paradigm?
Trying to understand the best build-vs.-buy equation and/or outsourcing business cases for your company's pipeline?
Excited by the prospect of meeting your C&G manufacturing peers across the industry and engaging in collaborative virtual and in-person discussions?


Join Our Collaborative!

For eligibility criteria or more information, contact Anna Rose Welch by email or 814-897-9000 x253.

Let's Begin