Cell & Gene Collaborative provides an informal, virtual setting for manufacturing professionals to meet their peers, brainstorm, and share their biggest learnings. Think “fire-side chat” meets “15-people-or-less video call with colleagues”— all questions answered, no hand-raising necessary.

Several times a year, Cell & Gene Collaborative Director Anna Rose Welch sits down to moderate an invite-only discussion between members of the cell and gene therapy and/or RNA therapeutics manufacturing community.

Whether it be a moderated discussion between Cell & Gene Collaborative’s Director Anna Rose Welch and a specific manufacturing subject matter expert, or a community-led “ask the manufacturing exec anything” Q&A session, these invite-only conversations reveal the biggest themes, challenges, and best-business practices impacting the day-to-day evolution of the advanced therapies manufacturing paradigm.

For a list of last season’s discussions, please see below.

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2021-2022 Collaborative Conversations

A Closer Look Into USP/NIST/NIIMBL’s AAV Quality Collaboration

A discussion with Fouad Atouf, VP Global Biologics—Science & Standards, US Pharmacopeia

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Exploring Best Communication Practices Between C-Suite & CMC/Manufacturing Teams

A discussion with Mark Gergan, CEO, Poseida Therapeutics

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Making Sense of CGT Comparability

A discussion with Mo Heidaran, Head of Translational & Regulatory Strategy, GC Therapeutics

mRNA Scale-Up: Lessons Learned From The Great mRNA Vaccine Rush

A discussion with Qian Ruan, VP of Tech Ops and Manufacturing, Arcturus Therapeutics

Developing Your CGT Technical & Outsourcing Strategy

A discussion with Paul McCormac, CTO, LEXEO Therapeutics

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USP’s mRNA Quality Guidelines: Unpacking These First—And Future—Steps Toward Understanding The mRNA Drug Substance

A discussion with Fouad Atouf, VP Global Biologics—Science & Standards, US Pharmacopeia

2023 CGT Outlook: Analyzing Our Progress Toward Greater Manufacturing Standardization

A discussion with Katy Spink, COO, Dark Horse Consulting

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2023 mRNA Outlook: What Challenges Are —Or Will Be — Keeping Manufacturing Experts Up At Night? 

A Discussion with Gloria Lam & Carlos Julia Figueras, PA Consulting

CGT Outsourcing: The Current “Health” of Partnering, Capacity, & Platform Development 

A discussion with Joseph Graskemper, director, external manufacturing and supply, Solid Bioscience, & Adam Haskett, head of external manufacturing, CARGO Therapeutics 



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