When I was completing a degree in poetry a decade ago, I never could have imagined I’d spend my days living and breathing biologics and advanced therapies. But as an inherently inquisitive person, I’m propelled by the phrase, “I don’t know.” So, it makes perfect sense I’d end up here, supporting the advanced therapies industry in which “I don’t know” is uttered countless times before lunch.  

Buoyed by my unceasing curiosity about all things science- and business-related, I spent the last six years of my career building an editorial following and hosting animated discussions in the biosimilar industry. In addition to garnering an editorial following through the publication Biosimilar Development, I also traveled globally to lead conversations with regulators, pharma executives, policymakers, healthcare stakeholders, and patient advocacy groups.  

During my tenure with Biosimilar Development, I was able to shape the biosimilar conversation in some really cool and unexpected ways. I penned a book chapter; presented to regulators, policymakers, and National Health System (SUS) officials in Brazil; toured Thailand’s life sciences industry; was cited in Supreme Court documentation; and lent my editorial eyes to groundbreaking scientific publications.  

As the advanced therapy industry grows in size and scope, I felt there was a great opportunity to embrace my passion for meeting new people, asking questions, and communicating technical information in creative ways. In addition to building the Cell & Gene Collaborative portal to educate and help Cell & Gene manufacturing professionals connect, I hope to provide a new lens through which you can understand the manufacturing opportunities and challenges facing the industry as a whole.  

Prior to entering the pharmaceutical industry, I earned a BA in English, followed by a Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry. In 2018, my first book of poetry, We, The Almighty Fires, was published by one of my dream poetry presses, Alice James Books.  

I spend my days in Erie, PA, where, in addition to painstakingly chipping away at a second collection of poems, I am a violinist and a novice ballet dancer.  

My full professional bio can be found here.  

If you want to learn more fun facts about me, check out my introductory blog post. Don’t forget to connect with me and follow my writings on LinkedIn

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