Cell & Gene Collaborative – The Perks (In Depth!)

So, you like playing hard to get. I respect that. Let me see if I can’t win you over in the end: 

  • Nontraditional newsletters, curated personally by Anna Rose: Standardized newsletter templates are boring. These emails will literally come straight from Anna Rose’s inbox (and brain) and contain a wide variety of the most interesting, groundbreaking, and/or overlooked Cell & Gene manufacturing-related content the internet and industry has to offer.

  • Real, human perspectives and experiences: The “ARW on C&G” blog will keep the big picture in view and your counterparts’ perspectives and best practices within reach. Whether you’re looking for interviews on best manufacturing and outsourcing practices, write-ups from conferences and webinars you missed, or one-on-one guidance from your peers — with a human-interest touch — we have it all. Anna Rose will make it her personal goal to provide you with content that stimulates both the left and right sides of your brain to keep you enjoying life, regardless of the scientific and engineering challenges before you.

  • Exclusive invitations to a variety of manufacturing-centric conversations: Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during certain conversations? Cell & Gene Collaborative will be your ticket to the informal (virtual) conversations Anna Rose is having one-on-one with industry SMEs behind-the-scenes. Sit on the sidelines and simply listen or share your own observations and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to among (10 or fewer of) your peers. Casual conversation and laughter will be strongly encouraged.

If that still doesn’t sound great, maybe my little friends below will convince you.